è appena stato reso operativo un GRUPPO DI DISCUSSIONE con relativa MAILING LIST, ospitato da YAHOO.ITALIA e dedicato espressamente a Riyoko Ikeda: non solo in quanto autrice de LA ROSA DI VERSAILLES ma in quanto mangaka e artista poliedrica.
La partecipazione al gruppo non è libera: il gruppo è moderato da me e tutte le iscrizioni vengono autorizzate da me medesima. Con questo mi auguro di riuscire a mantenere le discussioni su un livello medio alto, da veri appassionati.

Gruppo: Riyoko Ikeda
Moderatrice: LadyHillary

Chi già possiede un account Yahoo può aderire al gruppo semplicemente inserendo il proprio indirizzo email nella casella sottostante e cliccando sul bottone corrispondente:

Chi non possiede ancora un account Yahoo può crearsene uno velocemente e gratuitamente cliccando sul link sottostante:


It's much time that i want to create a forum about Riyoko Ikeda and finally i have done it in these days; it's not properly a forum but a MAILING LIST, dedicated to RIYOKO IKEDA and hosted by YAHOO.IT GROUPS. I don't know if you have got good rooms of discussion in your country (if so, please tell me if you found any interesting place), about this Author and her masterpieces but for sure i can say that here in Italy, the landscape appears quite poor: so my group is moderated (i am the moderator) and all the registrations are filtered. At present day, i know (by the net) all people who have already joined the group and they are great fans and collectors. Well, since it's not properly a forum but a mailing list, i would like to invite also english-speaking people: i didn't fixed the language of the group to the italian only... the main reason is that i don't consider the language as a real difference... and then i thought it was absolutely insane to authomatically exclude not-italian people while knowing for sure that many friends of my group are able to speak more then 1 language.
So if you want to open new discussions in english or french, YOU ARE WELCOME.
In order to join the group, a Yahoo account is needed but you can enter YAHOO.IT even using ID and PASSW got by other national Yahoo. Unfortunately as about groups instead, each country has its own groups so if you wish to register to mine, you should do it by here. If you like to do it and you need any help, feel free to ask. Anyway i joined many groups also on Yahoo into other nations and they works exactly in the same way. You won't get problems.